Third Culture Families: Redefining the Traditional Concept of Home, Family and Friendship

Please allow me to introduce you to Marielle de Spa - a mover and shaker in the global mobility field and a kindred spirit who values the collective family experience. She carries an important message for families in global transition that I would like to share with you. Read on to be inspired and empowered. Originally … Continue reading Third Culture Families: Redefining the Traditional Concept of Home, Family and Friendship


Returning ‘Home’: Insight from an Expert

It's that time of year when many globally mobile families are either preparing to return 'home', contemplating returning 'home' or farewelling others who are returning 'home'. Re-Entry Expert, Dr Cate Brubaker, shares her wisdom and insight with us on how to make returning 'home' a positive, growth oriented experience that leads to a meaningful and … Continue reading Returning ‘Home’: Insight from an Expert

Unplug and Connect

We’re about to jump in the car to begin our family Winter vacation. I’ve just sent off the final draft of a book I’m co-authoring and my own words are ringing in my head…so-much-so that I’m reblogging them here, for my benefit as well as yours.
Although it’s now the Southern Hemisphere Winter and the Northern Hemisphere Summer, the challenge remains the same – unplug and connect.

Globally Grounded


 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! That means the holiday season is just around the corner. Traditionally it’s a time when we get together with those we love…or those we have to love. Many will take time off work. Some will holiday at home. Others will holiday far away. Several will remain in their host country. Wherever in the world you are this holiday season, I encourage you to Unplug and Connect – really connect.

You’ve heard it before – we are more connected than ever. In fact, I take my hat off to all those who lived abroad pre-1990s. Technology has made moving to the other side of the world so much easier because we can maintain relationships with friends and family in real time. Our reliance on technology, however, can take us away from what it right in front of us. People. Places. Perspectives. Life.


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Ethiopia to The Netherlands: A Ripple Effect

Today, it is a privilege to introduce my special guest, Hannele Secchia, to you. Born in Ethiopia to German and Finnish parents, she lived there for most of her developmental years. Hannele repatriated twice to England at ages six and eleven and spent her high school years at boarding school in Kenya. At eighteen, she … Continue reading Ethiopia to The Netherlands: A Ripple Effect

The Moving With Kids Summit: A Worthwhile Investment of Your Time

2 weeks, 15 experts and everything you need to know about parenting on an international scale As a Mum of two teenage boys, I know that parenting can be tricky at the best of times, but throw in to the mix an international move or two and things can go from tricky to complex in … Continue reading The Moving With Kids Summit: A Worthwhile Investment of Your Time

3 Tips for Supporting Your TCK in a New School Environment

In response to considerable feedback from my last blog post – Mobility Impacts Learning:The Bad and The Good News, I am reposting this article to help families support their globally and domestically mobile children through the challenges of moving to a new school. Remember, there is good news – mobility can be a springboard for growth and a facilitator of learning. Follow these tips to propel you and your family members forward.

Globally Grounded


Stop! Listen. Do you hear that sound? With the exception of the Cicadas singing their Summertime chorus in the trees outside my window, I can hear it…Silence. For the first time in 8 weeks, Silence reigns in my house and my office because the Summer holidays are over and today marks the beginning of the new school year for most students here in Australia.

How different this “first day of the year” is from last year. On this day last year, my teenage boys began their first day in their passport country, passport city and new school. Having lived a significant part of their developmental years overseas, they were embarking on a whole new world. Today, this journey begins for many other Third Culture Kids (TCKs) who have either repatriated or moved to a new country because of their parents’ work. As an Educator, Global Mobility Advisor and Mum to…

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