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International Schools have an ethical responsibility for supporting their students through the triumphs and trials of transition. In many cases, the school provides the only constant in a globally mobile students’ transient life. It’s a fact that unmanaged mobility inhibits learning, however, schools who provide comprehensive transitions programs, can actually facilitate and enhance learning as they support all key stakeholders in their community – parents, staff and students – so that the parents can parent well, the teachers can teach well and the students can learn well. By implementing comprehensive transitions programs, schools can ensure that mobility is not an inhibitor to learning but an activator of learning.


Globally Grounded consults to international schools to help them UNDERSTAND, EVALUATE, DESIGN, DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT comprehensive transitions programs so that the challenges associated with mobility are not traumatic for their community members but become springboards for growth. We will customise any of our services to enhance your school’s support of all key stakeholders in your cross-cultural students’ wellbeing and success.


We facilitate research-based and practical workshops, seminars, presentations and webinars to all key stakeholders in a cross-cultural child’s education, including (but not limited to):

Pre-Arrival and Onboarding Packages

Cross-Cultural Transition Care Packages

Transitioning Successfully from Secondary School to Tertiary Life Packages


Evaluation provides the opportunity to examine your school’s cross-cultural transition-care and support program. Formative or summative, Globally Grounded will objectively evaluate your school’s cross-cultural support mechanisms through document review, interviews, focus groups and onsite observations. Following thorough data analysis, we will provide practical recommendations for enhancement.


Consulting on the particular challenges of your school, Globally Grounded will draw on our suite of services to partner with you in building best practices that will set your school as an exemplar for the support and integration of cross-cultural students. Through customized evaluation, solutions-based design, collaborative development, strategic implementation and progress review, Globally Grounded will equip, support and empower each key stakeholder in a cross-cultural student’s education – staff, parent and students – so that teachers can teach well, parents can parent well and cross-cultural students are placed in a position to succeed in learning and life.

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