Sharing my knowledge, reflections, life lessons and experiences in order to support students crossing cultures, their families and those who educate them as they each navigate the triumphs and trials associated with living and learning between cultures and sub-cultures.


Returning ‘Home’: Insight from an Expert

brubaker-cate-1024x678It’s that time of year when many globally mobile families are either preparing to return ‘home’, contemplating returning ‘home’ or farewelling others who are returning ‘home’. Re-Entry Expert, Dr Cate Brubaker, shares her wisdom and insight with us on how to make returning ‘home’ a positive, growth oriented experience that leads to a meaningful and satisfying global life, no matter where in the world we are located. Read the full story…



Top 10 Questions Asked by Students Starting at a New School [I Am A Triangle]

rocket-launchStarting at a new school can be both exciting and terrifying for any student. Whether it’s your child’s first, fourth or fifteenth move, switching to a new school is never easy. With so many unknowns, silent questions play on the minds of new students in the lead up to that first day. For Third Culture Kids* (TCK) moving from one culture to another, there is often the added unknown of cultural differences and expectations, which can shake their self-confidence and make walking into the new school even more daunting… The questions asked by students vary from those on the minds of their parents. Students rarely ask about subjects offered or how many kids are in a class nor the facilities provided or location of the school. Curious to know what they do ask? Read the full story…



6 Steps Towards Being a Successful Stayer in an International School [The International Educator]

The front door flew open, the school bag dropped to the floor, and fast, furious footsteps stormed up the stairs. The bedroom door slammed. Silence. We had been living in Singapore less than four months the first time I witnessed this chain of events unfold. My six-year-old son came home devastated because his new school friend was leaving. It became a familiar scenario. Read the full story…


What I Wish My (International School) Teacher Knew About Me [International School Magazine]girl-and-globe-lg

Dear Teacher, Like most of the students in your classroom, I am a globally mobile kid… Did you know that whilst living a globally mobile life comes with many benefits, it can also impact my learning? Please let me tell you about it and what you can do to support me, so that mobility does not inhibit my learning but enhance it. Read the full story…



International Mobility and Learning [International Teacher Magazine] 

Written for International Teacher Magazine, I investigate the impact of international mobility on learning and what can be done to support students through the challenges of transition from country to country. Read the full story…


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