Returning ‘Home’: Insight from an Expert

It’s that time of year when many globally mobile families are either preparing to return ‘home’, contemplating returning ‘home’ or farewelling others who are returning ‘home’. Re-Entry Expert, Dr Cate Brubaker, shares her wisdom and insight with us on how to make returning ‘home’ a positive, growth oriented experience that leads to a meaningful and … More Returning ‘Home’: Insight from an Expert

Announcing: Transitions 101 Webinar Series

Calling all International School Educators, Counsellors and Leadership Does your school resemble a revolving door – students, families and staff constantly leaving and arriving? Do you have: students from culturally diverse backgrounds struggling to integrate into your school community or engage effectively in learning? teachers searching for strategies to equip and support their Cross Cultural … More Announcing: Transitions 101 Webinar Series

In Celebration of Globally Mobile Women

As the world celebrates Women everywhere, I’d like to celebrate the Women who are prepared to move anywhere. Today is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is ‘Be Bold for Change’ and, in my opinion, defines Globally Mobile Women across the world. Boldness and Change – two words that are synonymous with living abroad. Globally … More In Celebration of Globally Mobile Women

The Moving With Kids Summit: A Worthwhile Investment of Your Time

2 weeks, 15 experts and everything you need to know about parenting on an international scale As a Mum of two teenage boys, I know that parenting can be tricky at the best of times, but throw in to the mix an international move or two and things can go from tricky to complex in … More The Moving With Kids Summit: A Worthwhile Investment of Your Time