Local Schools

Why: More than ever before Local Schools are welcoming cross-cultural students through their front gates. Whether it is a day school, a boarding school or both, local schools have a responsibility for supporting their students through the triumphs and trials of cultural transition. Every student needs to feel emotionally balanced before they can remember, critically or creatively think, problem solve, analyse or synthesise – in other words, learn.  For students walking into a new culture or sub-culture, it takes time to reach this place of balance. It’s a fact that unmanaged mobility inhibits learning, however, schools who provide comprehensive transitions programs, can actually facilitate and enhance learning as they support all key stakeholders in their community – parents, staff and students – so that the parents can parent well, the teachers can teach well and the students can learn well.* By implementing comprehensive transitions programs, schools can ensure that moving to a new cultural environment is not an inhibitor to learning but an activator of learning.

How: Globally Grounded consults to local schools to help them understand the impact of cross-cultural mobility, design, develop and implement comprehensive transitions programs so that the challenges associated with moving to a new cultural environment are not traumatic but become levers for growth.  They also provide workshops, seminars and presentations to all key stakeholders in a cross-cultural child’s education on topics such as (but not limited to):

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy:  An Educator’s Responsibility

Crossing Cultures: Understanding the Impact of Crossing Cultures on Children

The Challenge of Change

Empathy: It’s Role in our Schools, Community and Global Society

Cultural Mobility Impacts Learning: The Bad and The Good News

The Transition Process: Scientia est Potestas!  (Knowledge is Power!)

Repatriating or Relocating? Leave Well to Enter Well

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