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Globally Grounded offers a suite of services designed to equip, support and empower cross-cultural learners, their families and those who educate them. We develop programs to educate and support the key stakeholders in a  Cross-Cultural Child’s community by consulting to international and local schoolsfamilies and students crossing cultures. Our services provide our clients with the opportunity to reflect on their practices, develop their understanding of the impact of cross-cultural mobility, collaboratively design programs and implement support mechanisms to enhance learning and life.  

Globally Grounded provides personalised one-on-one mentoring consultations for students & families and designs and delivers bespoke presentations and programs for international and local schools. We conduct our work face-to-face or virtually.

Our Consultancy Suite:

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Our clients include:

AIS logo         Australian International School Singapore

Ravenswood_School_for_Girls_Logo              Ravenswood School for Girls

Shore-School-Logo-2         Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

scots albury crest             The Scots School Albury

KWM logo            King Wood Mallesons

IBC logo         International Baptist Church Singapore

Mercy Ships logo  Mercy Ships

family unity 1      Individual families


“This was the most useful PD I have had in a very long time. So organised, well-researched, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Mostly PRACTICAL and APPLICABLE!” The Scots School Albury – Teacher and Boarding Housemaster

“Thanks Jane for your presentation. You hit the mark—I have had positive feedback from the parents who attended and there is [a lot of discussion] on the WeChat group following your talk.”  Ravenswood School for Girls Parent Connect Co-ordinator

“Jane has outlined a step-by-step approach that the school can utilise to assist in [the process of transitioning our cross-cultural learners] as well as ongoing reflection and feedback from the students to assist. Jane has helpfully used her own experience and professional expertise in [cross-cultural mobility] to develop this program…Clearly with our boarders this has been of great benefit to them in assisting them in the transition into boarding.” Director of Boarding, Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

“I feel informed and empowered rather than fearful of the unknown.” Sal (Australian passport, prior to moving abroad)

“I realise having talked to a lot of people just how helpful our sessions were and how much they set us up. So grateful!” Sal (Australian passport, after moving abroad)

“Just finished a great de-brief week with Jane Barron​ from Globally Grounded. We worked through a program tailored for our family, and set priorities on how we want to launch life again back in Sydney. I learnt a lot about my own family, and recommend to anyone in transition. Thanks Jane!” John (Australian passport, seasoned missionary throughout Africa)

“Thank you so much for your help and support.  I can’t tell you how much more positive and calm I feel going forwards now I know that what we’ve been through as a family, is actually normal in the transitioning process!  It was lovely to meet you also, I felt you truly understood me and my family’s situation and your advise was invaluable.” Tracey (UK passport, first international assignment)

“What a wonderful time last night as many families were so encouraged by Jane…such a needed time and topic…What a blessing!” Sasha (US passport, currently in Singapore)

“Jane is an excellent speaker and also gracious and lovely in her responses to the audience.” Helen (Korean American, Global Citizen)

“What a great presentation! Very informative and just what my family needs.” June (Malaysian passport, Global Citizen)

“Jane is a wonderful speaker with great insight.” Amy (US passport, currently in Singapore)

“I really appreciated your discussion and encouragement to identify ‘values’ as it’s the one constant that can withstand change. It was an enriching talk.” Dee (Kenyan passport, Global Citizen)

“A brilliant presentation Jane and relevant on so many levels. Thank you.” Katherine (Regional Australia, parent of boarders)

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