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Distance Families: Being a Distance Grandparent

Grandparenting from a Distance: 20 Activities for Grandparents to do with Their Grandchildren

When Kids Move Abroad: The Grandparent’s Guide to Location-Proof Love and Laughter

The Overseas Grandparent – multiple articles

The Long-Distance Grandparent Survival Guide

The Family Left Behind

How Do you Maintain Relationships with Your Loved Ones Whilst Living Abroad?

Long-Distance Grandparenting: 3 part series

Long-Distance Date with Grandma

Top 10 Tips for Long Distance Grandparenting

Connecting with Grandchildren Far Away

Tools for building relationship

Webchat Platforms (age 13+)




Google Hangouts



Collaboration apps/websites

BattleShips –  yes that age old game

Draw Something – share your drawings

Keepy– share artwork, schoolwork, momentos

Kindoma– allows for users to read stories while video chatting

Meet Mobile (if you have a swimmer in your family)

Minecraft– a ‘sandbox’ game situated on a virtual land where users can create their own worlds and experiences, using building blocks, resources discovered on the site and their own creativity.

Moment Garden– create and privately share precious moments

Scoot & Doodle– collaborate on drawing/artwork together– write your family stories & share traditions using their images

Touchnote– keep in touch with fun photo postcards

Tweekaboo– save precious moments and share with family far away

Words with Friends– multiplayer word game

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“Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.”

Lois Wyse