Transitions 101 Webinar SeriesTransitions 101-2-2

Calling all International School Educators, Counsellors and Leadership. Does your school resemble a revolving door – students, families and staff constantly leaving and arriving? Would you like to do more to support your students, parents and colleagues as they navigate the triumphs and trials associated with global transition? This webinar series is for you! Registration closes November 13 so book now as places are limited. Read the full story…



6 Steps Towards Being a Successful Stayer in an International School [The International Educator]

The front door flew open, the school bag dropped to the floor, and fast, furious footsteps stormed up the stairs. The bedroom door slammed. Silence. We had been living in Singapore less than four months the first time I witnessed this chain of events unfold. My six-year-old son came home devastated because his new school friend was leaving. It became a familiar scenario. Read the full story…


What I Wish My (International School) Teacher Knew About Me [International School Magazine]girl-and-globe-lg

Dear Teacher, Like most of the students in your classroom, I am a globally mobile kid… Did you know that whilst living a globally mobile life comes with many benefits, it can also impact my learning? Please let me tell you about it and what you can do to support me, so that mobility does not inhibit my learning but enhance it. Read the full story…



International Mobility and Learning [International Teacher Magazine] 

I am sharing with you my first published article. Written for International Teacher Magazine, I investigate the impact of international mobility on learning and what can be done to support students through the challenges of transition from country to country. Read the full story…


European Enlightenment: Lesson 2 – The Importance of Goodbye leaving well - winnie the pooh quote

Do you feel this year is flying by? Depending on which hemisphere you reside, schools are returning from their Spring Break or gearing up for Autumn Break. Students are either preparing for the final run into the end of the academic year followed by a long Summer vacation or for mid-year assessments followed by a shorter Winter holiday. If they are students in an International School or a school with high mobility, they are also preparing for something else at this time of year. Goodbye.  Read the full story…


Empathy ImageEuropean Enlightenment: Lesson 1 – Empathy 

This blog post has taken shape in the Paediatric Ward of our local hospital. To my right, through the salt splashed window panes, the powerful Pacific Ocean waves crash heavily upon the sand (I do find it intriguing that hospitals and cemeteries so often have the best views!). To my left, amidst the rhythmical beeps and colourful wires of medical instruments, lies my sleeping teenage son, who, through an unfortunate schoolyard accident (boys will be boys!) is the reason I am here. Read the full story…


Mobility Impacts Learning: The Bad News and The Good News Mobility impacts learning

It’s a fact: Mobility impacts learning. Teachers in International Schools know it. Psychologists such as Douglas Ota and Lois Bushong know it. Researchers including Professor John Hattie and now Australia’s NSW Department of Education know it too. On the surface, the news looks bad for students who move schools out-of-synch with normal transitions (such as beginning high school). The first step to addressing any problem is to identify it. From there, we can work towards a solution…and the good news is, there is a solution. Read the full story…


new-beginnings23 Tips for Supporting Your TCK in a New School Environment

Stop! Listen. Do you hear that sound? With the exception of the Cicadas singing their Summertime chorus in the trees outside my window, I can hear it…Silence. For the first time in 8 weeks, Silence reigns in my house and my office because the Summer holidays are over and today marks the beginning of the new school year for most students here in Australia. How different this “first day of the year” is from last year. Read the full story…


The Most Powerful Stakeholder in a Globally Mobile Child’s Education Education

Last week, I had the privilege of working with, what we in the Education World consider to be, the three key stakeholders in a child’s education. I have presented to, collaborated with and advised staff, parents and students who live and work amongst our domestically and globally mobile population. As I listened to life stories of those who move from city to city and country to country, a theme was repeated over and over again and it reaffirmed my strong belief that for those who live this mobile life, there is a fourth and very powerful key stakeholder in a child’s education – The CompanyRead the full story…