Today I am sharing with you my first published article. Written for International Teacher Magazine, I investigate the impact of international mobility on learning and what can be done to support students through the challenges of transition from country to country.

It’s a fact that international mobility impacts learning.

Some teachers in International Schools know it. Psychologists such as Douglas Ota and Lois Bushong know it. Researchers including Professor John Hattie and Australia’s NSW Department of Education know it too. On the surface, the news looks bad for students who move schools out-of-synch with normal transitions (such as beginning high school). The first step to addressing any problem is to identify it. From there, we can work towards a solution . . . . and the good news is, there is a solution.

Click here to read the rest of International Mobility and Learning . If you are part of an international school community, I encourage you to share it with your Principal and/or Director of Student Welfare.

Feature Image: Pixabay



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