Globally Mobile Children: One Tribe or Many? Part One

Have you noticed the number of social media posts questioning the terminology around children who live a life that takes them across and among cultures and worlds? Third Culture Kid (TCK), globally mobile kid, Cross-Cultural Kid (CCK), expat brat, missionary kid, military brat, global nomad are just a few of the terms floating around. As … More Globally Mobile Children: One Tribe or Many? Part One

Announcing: Transitions 101 Webinar Series

Calling all International School Educators, Counsellors and Leadership Does your school resemble a revolving door – students, families and staff constantly leaving and arriving? Do you have: students from culturally diverse backgrounds struggling to integrate into your school community or engage effectively in learning? teachers searching for strategies to equip and support their Cross Cultural … More Announcing: Transitions 101 Webinar Series

Top 10 Questions Asked By Students Starting at a New School

This week I am honoured to be writing over at I Am A Triangle’s  (IAAT) brand new website. What began almost four years ago as a Facebook group of 30 ‘Triangles’ has now grown into a community of over 15,000 people who have lived in various cultures and countries, whether as children, teens or adults. Launched … More Top 10 Questions Asked By Students Starting at a New School

Unplug and Connect

 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! That means the holiday season is just around the corner. Traditionally it’s a time when we get together with those we love…or those we have to love. Many will take time off work. Some will holiday at home. Others will holiday far away. Several will remain in … More Unplug and Connect

International Mobility and Learning

Today I am sharing with you my first published article. Written for International Teacher Magazine, I investigate the impact of international mobility on learning and what can be done to support students through the challenges of transition from country to country. It’s a fact that international mobility impacts learning. Some teachers in International Schools know it. … More International Mobility and Learning

Why I’m Excited

I’m delighted to announce that I have been awarded a 2017 Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency Scholarship, thanks to the Families in Global Transition Organisation. The course work has already begun! I aim to develop my writing and blogging skills, whilst being mentored by writer and publisher Jo Parfitt from Summertime Publishing. The Pascoe part of … More Why I’m Excited

An Open Letter to Expatriate Dads…but Mums can read this too

To all you Expatriate Dads across the Globe, This Sunday is Fathers’ Day here in Australia. I know for many of you around the world, that day has been and gone for 2016 but any day is a good day to stop and reflect on the important role you Dads play in your family and … More An Open Letter to Expatriate Dads…but Mums can read this too