This week I am honoured to be writing over at I Am A Triangle’s  (IAAT) brand new website. What began almost four years ago as a Facebook group of 30 ‘Triangles’ has now grown into a community of over 15,000 people who have lived in various cultures and countries, whether as children, teens or adults.

To Infinity & Beyond – launch your TCK into a new school with confidence

Launched on World Infinity Day – August 8th (8/8) – it seemed fitting that my first official contribution to the IAAT website and community should focus on launching students into a new school with confidence…To Infinity and Beyond… 

Starting at a new school can be both exciting and terrifying for any student. Whether it’s your child’s first, fourth or fifteenth move, switching to a new school is never easy. With so many unknowns, silent questions play on the minds of new students in the lead up to that first day. For Third Culture Kids* (TCK) moving from one culture to another, there is often the added unknown of cultural differences and expectations, which can shake their self-confidence and make walking into the new school even more daunting.

As an educator and youth intercultural transition specialist currently based in Australia, I have the privilege of equipping and supporting students and their families as they navigate the triumphs and trials of transition to new cultures across the globe. I’m regularly asked questions about the new educational culture into which they are about to venture. The questions asked by students vary from those on the minds of their parents. Students rarely ask about subjects offered or how many kids are in a class nor the facilities provided or location of the school. Curious to know what they do ask? Read the full story…


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