It’s that time of year – Moving Season. It’s when globally mobile families and individuals across the world experience a shift in their community. Some are being left behind, others are moving to a new location, several are returning ‘home’, a few are preparing for the boarding school experience and all involve goodbyes.

Though each family and individual may have different challenges, there are some common threads that are woven through the Moving Season. Here are some blog posts you or someone you know may find helpful at this time.

Saying Goodbye:

The Importance of Goodbye

Repatriating or Relocating: Your Steps to Leaving Well So You Can Enter Well

Being Left Behind:

7 Steps Towards Being a Successful Stayer

What I Wish My (International School) Teacher Knew About Me

Returning Home:

Repatriating or Relocating: Your Steps to Leaving Well so you can Enter Well

Returning Home: Insight from an Expert

Re-Entry in 5 Words

Arriving in a New Location:

10 Questions Asked By Students Starting at a New School 

3 Tips for Supporting Your Cross-Cultural Kid in a New School Environment

Becoming a Boarding School Parent:

When Your Child Goes to Boarding School: Beneath The Surface

Whatever scenario you find yourself (or those you love) in, remember that knowledge is power. Use these resources to turn the challenges faced by this Moving Season into springboards for growth for each of you.

“Learning to proactively engage in the process of transition is a core skill for success in the 21st Century.” *

And if you can’t find a solution or tips for your Moving Season scenario or circumstances here or you would like some further support, please get in touch and take a look at how we can work together to equip, support and empower you and your family on not only this transition but all transitions, whatever the context.

* Barbara Schaetti.



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