When Moving Season Arrives

It's that time of year - Moving Season. It's when globally mobile families and individuals across the world experience a shift in their community. Some are being left behind, others are moving to a new location, several are returning 'home', a few are preparing for the boarding school experience and all involve goodbyes. Though each … Continue reading When Moving Season Arrives


How Has Living Abroad Changed You?

  Last week I was asked this question: How has living abroad changed you? As with many questions asked of globally mobile people (Where are you from? Are you settled yet? Where is home? etc), I had to pause before answering. Did this person want the short answer or the long answer? The truth is, … Continue reading How Has Living Abroad Changed You?

7 Steps Towards Being a Successful Stayer

In any globally mobile community there are three types of people – The Leaver, The Arriver and The Stayer. I have been all of these people. The Leaver is the one you see at this time of year running around like a crazy person, trying to finalise the removalists and the pet’s quarantine requirements all … Continue reading 7 Steps Towards Being a Successful Stayer

The Importance of Goodbye

  Do you feel like this year is flying by? Depending on which hemisphere you reside, schools are returning from their Spring Break or gearing up for their Autumn Break. Students are either preparing for the final run into the end of the academic year followed by a long Summer vacation or for mid-year assessments … Continue reading The Importance of Goodbye