The Most Powerful Stakeholder in a Globally Mobile Child’s Education


Last week, I had the privilege of working with, what we in the Education World consider to be, the three key stakeholders in a child’s education. I have presented to, collaborated with and advised staff, parents and students who live and work amongst our domestically and globally mobile population. As I listened to life stories of those who move from city to city and country to country, a theme was repeated over and over again and it reaffirmed my strong belief that for those who live this mobile life, there is a fourth and very powerful key stakeholder in a child’s education – The CompanyRead the full story…


Empathy ImageEuropean Enlightenment: Lesson 1 – Empathy 

This blog post has taken shape in the Paediatric Ward of our local hospital. To my right, through the salt splashed window panes, the powerful Pacific Ocean waves crash heavily upon the sand (I do find it intriguing that hospitals and cemeteries so often have the best views!). To my left, amidst the rhythmical beeps and colourful wires of medical instruments, lies my sleeping teenage son, who, through an unfortunate schoolyard accident (boys will be boys!) is the reason I am here. Read the full story…


European Enlightenment: Lesson 2 – The Importance of Goodbye leaving well - winnie the pooh quote

It is almost the end of April. Depending on which hemisphere you reside, schools are returning from their Spring or Autumn Break. Students are either preparing for the final run into the end of the academic year followed by a long Summer vacation or for mid-year assessments followed by a shorter Winter holiday. If they are students in an International School or a school with high mobility, they are also preparing for something else at this time of year. Goodbye.  Read the full story…