Can you believe we find ourselves in September? As Northern Hemisphere schools return to a new academic year in a variety of different formats (on-campus, remote learning or a blend of both), Southern Hemisphere schools would usually be finalising plans for their school’s 2021-enrolled Boarders’ Orientation. COVID-19 means many schools are unable to provide their usual on-site orientation programs and are looking for new ways of equipping boarders and families as they prepare for boarding school life.

With this in mind and in response to requests from clients,  Danielle Pringle and I will facilitate a virtual workshop specifically designed for parents preparing their child for a successful transition to boarding school. As boarding school and cross-cultural transition experts, we both have also been boarders and boarder parents, and currently have children in the #Classof2020. We bring empathy along with our expertise to provide parents with understanding and practical strategies for empowering their child to make the most of their boarding school journey. 

Date: September 15, 2020

Time: 2pm Sydney/Melbourne; 12pm Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing; 11am Jakarta/Ho Chi Minh City

The session includes:

2:00pm            Meet the Tribe and Introductions

2:10pm            Boarding Life Overview

2:30pm            How Parents Can Prepare Their Child Emotionally and Practically

2:50pm            What’s Going on Behind the Eyes of Their Child as They Transition to Boarding School

3:00pm            Family Dynamics

3:10pm            Discussion and Q&A

3:30pm            Event Concludes

We invite you to share this information with any of your friends or colleagues preparing their child for boarding school. Please also share with your school’s Heads of Enrolment and Boarding. Whether a child is moving from the next suburb, region, interstate or overseas, this workshop can place parents in a position to effectively equip and support their child as they prepare to leave home and adjust to a new social and educational culture at school. You can find more information and registration details at Eventbrite or through the Australian Boarding Schools Association. You may also contact us at any time. 


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