Families and Cross Cultural Students

 Why:  Having the opportunity to live in an environment beyond the passport culture is a unique experience. The opportunities afforded to Cross Cultural Students, families, couples and individuals are among the richest sources of learning, fulfilment and enjoyment. They provide platforms to be a cultural bridge between and among worlds. With these unique experiences also come challenges. Moving is regarded as equally as stressful as death and divorce and repatriation is the hardest of all transitions. For students, their families and educators, school-based programs for handling the challenges associated with moving across cultures rarely exist even though mobility is regarded as a major inhibitor to learning. Individuals are often uninformed about the transition process and entry or re-entry culture shock, which makes it difficult to support family members as they work through the many changes associated with their domestically and/or globally mobile life.

It is projected that Generation Z, our current students, will have 17 different jobs, 5 different careers and live in 15 different homes. Learning to proactively engage in the process of transition will be a vital skill for success in the 21st Century so by providing focused attention and nurturing, whilst looking carefully at one transition, we can help students to more effectively engage in all transitions in life – whatever the context. 

How: Working With Children certified, Globally Grounded provides bespoke one-on-one family or individual mentoring consultations either face-to-face or via video chat platforms (depending on your country’s regulations). Presentations and workshops to parents and/or students are a key service and an important way of developing understanding of the triumphs and trials of crossing cultures.  By participating in Globally Grounded‘s mentoring consultations and presentations, you are more likely to reduce one or more symptoms of culture or reverse culture shock and experience a smoother transition for all members of the family.


One Off General Consultations providing information on such topics as educational options, questions you should ask prospective schools and general survival tips for all family members before, during and after your move across cultures.

Bespoke Consultation Packages where I ask questions, assess the educational needs and/or family goals, provide training and recommendations to place each family member in a position to succeed before, during and after your move across cultures.

PRESENTATION TOPICS include (but are not limited to):

The Importance of Goodbye

The Transition Process: Scientia est Potestas!  (Knowledge is Power!)

Flounder or Flourish? A Parent’s Toolkit for Bringing Out The Best in Their Cross Cultural Kids

Raising Cross Cultural Kids: The Challenge of Change

Raising Cross Cultural Kids in the 21st Century: Let’s Do It Well

The Question on Every Globally Mobile Parent’s Mind

The 5 Rs: Repatriation, Re-entry, Re-acculturation, Recovery, Relaunch

To Board or Not to Board? That is the Question

Embrace The Journey: Preparing for Boarding School

Good Grief!

The Next Chapter: Preparing Seniors for Leaving School and Home

Working With Children Certification Number available upon request

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