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2 weeks, 15 experts and everything you need to know about parenting on an international scale

As a Mum of two teenage boys, I know that parenting can be tricky at the best of times, but throw in to the mix an international move or two and things can go from tricky to complex in a heart beat. Moving is regarded as equally as stressful as death and divorce and repatriation is the hardest of all international moves…I can certainly attest to that last point!

Fortunately, there is help at hand to reassure you that the challenges associated with transition don’t need to be traumatic but instead can be levers for growth. The Moving With Kids Summit brings together a treasure trove of wisdom from around the world to help you navigate parenting abroad. Although it’s not just for parents. Educators, Counsellors and anyone working with kids in global transition should also register for this event. You will gain access to the likes of Ruth Van Reken, Karen Wilmot, Lisa Ferland, Jill Kristal, Julia Lee Simens, Elizabeth Sawyer, Ellen Mahoney, Maryam Afnan Ahmad, Tina Lee Quick, Rita Rosenback, International Diagnostic Solutions, Lois Bushong, and Lucy GreenwoodI did say a treasure trove, didn’t I!

Running from 1-15th June, this Summit will be covering everything from giving birth overseas to finding the right school and college, from raising bilingual kids to tackling the tough stuff such as family law & coping with crisis. Choose the topics that are of interest to you. I know that June can be a crazy time of packing up, farewells and planning but I strongly encourage you to make the time to be a part of this Summit. The wisdom you will gain will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Attending the Moving With Kids Summit is easy – it’s all online through Webinars which you can access in your Timezone, resource guides and a private Facebook Group for connecting with other globally mobile people and asking questions.

To find out more and to register (for free) for The Moving With Kids Summit, visit Rachel Yates’ website The Expat Lifeline. Rachel’s website alone has mountains of valuable resources for the globally mobile family.

It is well known that “it takes a village to raise a child.” The wisdom from this impressive line up of experts in the global mobility world, has been honed from years of experience. Allow these experts to be part of your village. You, your children and your family will benefit. 



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