Your privacy is important to us so we’ve reviewed and updated our privacy policy. You can find our privacy policy on our website to learn how we collect and use your data. Please take a moment to review our updated policy and whilst you’re there, check out some of the helpful articles to guide you, your family and/or your students as you live and learn between and among cultures.

You can also find information about Globally Grounded’s services, designed specifically to equip families and schools to support and empower their culturally diverse learners.

We look forward to continuing to partner with students, families and educators, equipping you to proactively engage in the process of transition and enhancing your learning and life.

What people are saying about Globally Grounded

“I realise having talked to a lot of people just how helpful our sessions were and how much they set us up. So grateful!” Sal – Global Citizen

“Thanks Jane for your presentation. You hit the mark—I have had positive feedback from the parents who attended and there is [a lot of discussion] on the WeChat group following your talk.”  Ravenswood School for Girls Parent Connect Co-ordinator

“Jane has outlined a step-by-step approach that the school can utilise to assist in [the process of transitioning our cross-cultural learners] as well as ongoing reflection and feedback from the students to assist. Jane has helpfully used her own experience and professional expertise in [cross-cultural mobility] to develop this program…Clearly with our boarders this has been of great benefit to them in assisting them in the transition into boarding.” Director of Boarding, Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)


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