its been too long

It’s been too long! How many times have you heard this phrase as you collect a loved one from the airport or arrive on a doorstep during ‘home’ leave? This time, however, it’s because it has been too long since we’ve connected via the Globally Grounded Blog. So let’s catch up. Now.

Whilst we haven’t been in touch via our blog, we have been hard at work preparing and equipping cross-cultural students, their parents and those who educate them to navigate the triumphs and trials associated with cultural transition. Over the past few months Globally Grounded have been attending and presenting at conferences and seminars, visiting and working with schools, researching, writing curriculum and publishing a book. Here are a few highlights:

Transitions 101-2-2Proudly in partnership with Sea Change Mentoring, we created curriculum and facilitated our inaugural Transitions 101 Webinar Series. Participants represented every continent across the globe as together we engaged in learning the basics of transitions-informed care within international school communities. A two part series saw each participant equipped to lay the foundations for an effective school-based transition program and then build on that foundation to create an effective program at their school. If you or your school are looking to develop a transitions program, this is the place to start. Contact us for more information.

IFT Tina Quick LogoA golden opportunity arose recently for Jane Barron to sit at the feet of the Transitions Expert, Tina Quick. During a two day workshop in Singapore, Jane collaborated and learned alongside educators and counsellors from international schools across South East Asia to be trained in supporting senior students and their families as they prepare for successful transition to university. If you have a student preparing for university away from the family, I strongly suggest you buy two copies of Tina’s book, A Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition. Why two books? One for your child to read (be sure it goes in their suitcase too) and one for you to read (place it on your bedside table for quick access). If you have students at your school preparing to move away for university, contact us to discuss a seminar or workshop

During our time in Singapore, we conducted interviews with schools as part of our research into how schools support and empower students, parents and staff preparing to return ‘home’ or to local schools abroad.  This research is ongoing. We also presented to staff and parents, equipping them with strategies and tools for effective cultural transition, all whilst our work here in Sydney continues with local schools wanting to place their culturally diverse learners in a position to succeed in learning and life.

span-stamp-with-tm-transparentBeing part of a team has always been in Jane’s DNA. From the earliest days growing up on the farm, as livestock was moved from one paddock to another to today, being a steering committee member of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN), Jane understands that teamwork gets things done whilst learning takes place along the way. Leading a focussed and resourceful sub-committee, Jane worked alongside her colleagues to launch the new SPAN website. SPAN offers a home to refresh, equip and connect transition-care providers around the globe who are committed to healthy student, family and staff mobility within and between schools. Still in it’s developmental phase, be sure to check it out and pass the link details onto your school community.

FIGT17NL BooksLast, but by no means least in this update is some very exciting news. Last week, a package arrived on my doorstep. Upon tearing back the tape and opening the flaps on the box, I saw, for the very first time, my name gracing the cover of a book. The culmination of twelve months work as a Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency (PPWR) Scholar, Insights and Interviews from the 2017 Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference: Building on the Basics – Creating Your Tribe on the Move provides you with the “latest research, knowledge and information on the globally mobile experience,” says Linda A. Janssen, author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat. If you are part of a family in global transition, thinking about being a family in global transition or know someone who is, you need this book. To secure your copy at just AUD$25 plus pp, please contact us. Written alongside a team of truly remarkable PPWR scholars in Mariam Ottimofiore, Tone Delin Indrelid and Sarah J Stoner and supported by fellow writers Ginny Philps, Sarah Black, Carolyn Parse Rizzo and Sara Coggiola, this book is an accurate, up-to-date and relevant resource for anyone supporting and/or living between and among cultures. My deepest appreciation goes to our mentor Jo Parfitt, editor Dounia Bertucelli and the ongoing cheering from the sidelines of Terry Anne Wilson.  I look forward to sharing some excerpts from this treasure trove of wisdom in future posts.

In between posts, stay connected with Globally Grounded via Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn.

Until next time, safe travels and embrace the journey.









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