What I Wish My (International School) Teacher Knew About Me

Writing over at the International School Magazine, I take a look through the eyes of a globally mobile student to investigate mobility’s impact on learning – and what schools can offer in support. Educators, parents and students in an international school community, please read this article and forward it onto your colleagues, your children's teachers and … Continue reading What I Wish My (International School) Teacher Knew About Me

International Mobility and Learning

Today I am sharing with you my first published article. Written for International Teacher Magazine, I investigate the impact of international mobility on learning and what can be done to support students through the challenges of transition from country to country. It's a fact that international mobility impacts learning. Some teachers in International Schools know it. … Continue reading International Mobility and Learning

The Legacy of a Globally Mobile Childhood

We are in the midst of the Winter School Holidays here in the Southern Hemisphere and our family has just returned from a visit to our nation’s capital – Canberra, Australia. At every turn, I was reminded of the legacy of a globally mobile childhood. For my husband and I, the visit provided a re-acquaintance … Continue reading The Legacy of a Globally Mobile Childhood