Following my last post about the Importance of Goodbyes, I have received considerable feedback from readers regarding how to go about saying Goodbye. Here is a repost of my blog outlining how to leave well so you can enter your next destination well.




Globally Grounded

What-lies-before-us- Emerson quote

It’s that time of year again – the Moving Season. It is the time of year when globally mobile families around the world pack up their homes, their memories and their emotions and move to a new destination. For some it will mean returning to their “home” country whilst for others, their life will continue in a new “host” country.

Moving is regarded as equally as stressful as death and divorce and repatriation is known to be the most difficult of all international transitions.

Leaving is a process, not an event and it begins the minute you learn that you are on the move. You have already begun the subconscious loosening of emotional ties – to people, places and possessions. I know this because I have done the journey. In this blog, I share a little about the steps our family followed to ensure that we left our host country…

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