Why: Making the decision to move an employee and their family to another country is complex and costly. Given that the two main reasons for international assignment failure are failing to adjust to the new culture and family unhappiness, Organisations have a responsibility to support the employee and their family members through the challenges of transition, whether that be to a new host country or repatriating to the country of origin. What do you need to know about transition? Do you understand the power you have over a globally mobile child’s education? How can you support all members of the employee’s family to ensure a worthwhile investment?

How: Globally Grounded answers these questions and more through the following presentations geared towards HR or those in the Global Mobility Department and transitioning employees & their families:

Understanding Your Globally Mobile Community

The Triumphs and Challenges of Mobility

The Most Powerful Stakeholder in a Globally Mobile Child’s Education – The Company

The Transition Process: Scientia est Potestas!  (Knowledge is Power!)

The 5 Rs: Repatriation, Reentry, Reacculturation, Recovery, Relaunch

Raising Globally Mobile Kids: The Challenge of Change

Raising Globally Mobile Kids in the 21st Century: Let’s Do It Well

The Importance of Goodbye

To Board or Not to Board? That is the Question

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