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Transitions 101-2-2ANNOUNCING:  Transitions 101 Webinar Series

Calling all International School Educators, Counsellors and Leadership. Does your school resemble a revolving door – students, families and staff constantly leaving and arriving? Would you like to do more to support your students, parents and colleagues as they navigate the triumphs and trials associated with global transition? This webinar series is for you!  Contact us to learn more and book your place.  Read the full story…


Why: International Schools have a responsibility for supporting their students through the triumphs and trials of transition. In many cases, the school provides the only constant in a globally mobile students’ transient life. It’s a fact that unmanaged mobility inhibits learning, however, schools who provide comprehensive transitions programs, can actually facilitate and enhance learning as they support all key stakeholders in their community – parents, staff and students – so that the parents can parent well, the teachers can teach well and the students can learn well.* By implementing comprehensive transitions programs, schools can ensure that mobility is not an inhibitor to learning but an activator of learning.

How: Globally Grounded consults to international schools to help them design, develop and implement comprehensive transitions programs so that the challenges associated with mobility are not traumatic but become levers for growth.  They also provide workshops, seminars and presentations to all key stakeholders in a globally mobile child’s education on topics such as (but are not limited to):

Teaching Globally Mobile Kids: What’s the Difference?

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy:  An Educator’s Responsibility

Understanding Your Globally Mobile Community

Empathy: It’s Role in our Schools, Community and Global Society

Mobility Impacts Learning: The Bad and The Good News

The Transition Process: Scientia est Potestas!  (Knowledge is Power!)

Repatriating or Relocating? Leave Well to Enter Well

Steps Towards being a Successful Stayer

Good Grief!

The Next Chapter: Preparing Seniors for Leaving School and Home

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